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EGIAN is the representative group for some twenty of the largest International Accounting Networks and Associations outside the Big 4.

EGIAN’s mission is to provide the members with a forum through which to collaborate in order to facilitate an exchange of ideas and information about key worldwide professional developments affecting the accounting and auditing professions in Europe.

The European Commission (DG Internal Market) and FEE (The Fédération des Experts Comptables Européens) has recognized EGIAN as the body that represents mid-tier International Accounting Associations and Networks within the European Union.

EGIAN members are usually represented by CEOs. Meetings are held a couple of times per year in Brussels. Discussions are about specific issues affecting the profession at the moment and preventing future developments that might affect the community.

EGIAN develops opinions and policy papers on specific issues on behalf of the members, for submission to key audiences such as European Union Commission, FEE, IFAC, accounting standards-setters, national accounting institutes etc, in order to present the members’ position and influence in key professional developments across the European Union.

EGIAN also present views and opinions on the main regulatory and policy issues which are most likely to have an impact on the members and the profession generally.

EGIAN is a non-profit organization.

EGIAN European Group of International Accounting Networks and Associations
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