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EGIAN was formed in 1991 as an informal group to debate common professional, regulatory and management concerns.

EGIAN developed a revised strategic plan in 2004 and set out to be more active in promoting its views and positions on technical and regulatory issues to the European Institutions.

In December 2007 this strategic plan was reinforced with a budget and the appointment of a Chairman who was given the time and resource to promote EGIAN’s views to a wider community.

In 2011 governance changes were made in preparation for the succession of our first ever Chairman. The roles of non-executive Chairman and Executive Director were created with the latter responsible for day to day operations and accountable to the Chairman. As part of our new constitution Special Interest Groups were renamed Focus Groups.

In 2012 Jos van Huut was appointed as the non-executive Chairman and led the process which resulted in the selection of John Capper as the Executive Director of EGIAN from June 2012 onwards.

Also in 2012 Anthony Carey was confirmed as the leader of our Listed Company Audit Market Focus Group and David Chitty as the leader of our an SME Market Focus Group.


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